Bear Proof Boxes  and Horse Camping Equipment
Packing Made Easy: Bear Proof Boxes
"Orange Set"
Outside dimensions: 29"W x 17"H x 14"D (top)/10.5"D (bottom) 
Inside dimensions: 26"W x 15"H x 13.5"D (top)/10"D (bottom) 
Colors: Orange, Forest Green or Tan 
This versatile packing system can be used on a Sawbuck Pack Saddle or Decker Pack Saddle or a western riding saddle.

    Bozeman Montana
Bear Proof Panniers!
"Green Set"
These bear resistant Decker pack boxes are easily slung on a Decker or Sawbuck pack saddle using a basket hitch, with notches to hold your sling rope in place. 
The large front opening and shelves make for easy access to supplies and are great for organizing your camp kitchen. 
The lids, when removed, can be screwed into the tops of the boxes when they are standing to form a flat work surface. 
US Forest Service and IGBC certified bear resistant. 
Color: Green with white lid. 
Dimensions: 34"H x 19.5" x 12"D 
Weight: 29 lbs each 
Sold as a pair

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